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Hierarchy Grunt - Spec Ops/Elites

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Posted 04 January 2010 - 01:19 AM

Totally random thread created with the purpose of attracting Strat' or Destroyer thirst for more coding. If no replies then ah well, another dead thread.  I don't know whats up with me and the Hierarchy Grunts but we seem to be in touch in some way, shape, or form as one appeared within my dream. I also wanted to make a costume but been having bad luck with costume shops within my region. Anyways.....

Basic back-story (dream wise)
The average grunt left each human structure in a rush as they started causing damage to the neighboring structures. At the same time the Elite side of the Hierarchy Grunts assisted the humans in culling the normal grunts in an odd partnership as they both run around alleyways with a highly ominous aura. I'm unsure why or how but the human snipers and scouts both ignored them as they both cloaked, heading their own way when double taking. One Hierarchy noticed an outline of a cloaked human sniper but ignored it, proceeding to obtain some upgrade from another human.

Possible Explanation
The Hierarchy Grunts were sent from the main ship to assist with any delays. Something odd happened in the aftermath of UaW's main story (again, I didn't play the campaign) where the Elite grunts decided to infiltrate the human ranks and to work their way out-words with friendly ties. Within an odd cliche manner one of them probably noticed something within  the world government's database hidden in a undisclosed region of the Pacific Ocean, eventually siding with the humans in a Novus and Masari style mutual trust - Same goal, same mission.

Thoughts? (Disclaimer: I didn't play the campaign so I'm pretty much lost, I should though.)


Additional information (Just to add some more thoughts and discussion):

- Special ops grunts (More armor, different style, or different textures on armor).
- Cloaking feature.
- Highly trained and far more deadly.
- Cunning, highly intelligent.
- Allied with both the Hierarchy and Humans (unknown reason).
- Various weaponry: Some may contain highly specialized snipers or teleporters. Or take up the role of a Masari Seer and spot hidden units. (Add a question mark to these)
- Contains some arm upgrade where discs are inserted into the wrist section for power upgrades, or similar.

So Strat, Destroyer, and lurkers, thoughts?

I know its random but thought I'd put it out there as you both said you keep coding that you end up destroying the coding. Also, would it be possible to carry this over onto FoC and create a new playable faction? Been said that its illegal or something and another said it was a bad idea.....

Edit: Thread achieved its goal of being read by Strategist.
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