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Posted 29 June 2010 - 11:21 PM


Interested to know more of the differences between Guardians of Graxia PC, Guardians of Graxia Board Game, and Heroes of Graxia the Deck-building Card Game?

What is epic about Heroes of Graxia the Card Game?
* Huge player vs. player potential with 2-6 player capability. Unlike other deck-building card games, dominate your opponent face-to-face!

* Based on a familiar platform (deck-building card), while complimenting Petroglyph's other games (Guardians of Graxia).

* As with Guardian of Graxia, Heroes of Graxia has unique cards in addition to ones that are similar to those in the other Graxia games.

What is epic about Guardians of Graxia the Board Game?
* A vast array of choices available when customizing your deck, something you cannot do in the more static and automated PC version.

* In addition, customizing the map itself is an option. Just rearrange the tiles for a unique game each time. Provide unique scenarios for others to play!

* Ability to swap units, as well as scenarios being won through completing objectives and being awarded victory points, both features exclusive to the board game version.

What is epic about Guardians of Graxia for the PC?
* Since the game will be available online, there is huge potential for future content updates.

* New unique Units and Unit & Spell Abilities not available in the other Graxia games.

* Large maps expanding greater than 37 tiles and unique exploration opportunities within each map as you progress through the main campaign.

* Pre-built decks with a specific Draknal campaign that guide you through multiple gameplay paths and bonuses.

* Most comparable to the board game's solo scenarios, expanding primarily on adding a touch of role-playing potential in order to immerse a player in the Graxia world.

What is epic about the Graxia World itself?
* The Graxia world has an expansive and growing storyline based on floating continents high in the sky. Each continent is filled with familiar and unique races, such as: Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, and many others.

* Unique political and geographical borders that truly separate nation states from one another. The only allowed passage between continents is travel through magical portals, to which most are often being watched over by powerful Guardians.

* Magical blue crystals are found all over the world, which give special power to the Guardians and other creatures near them. These crystals are one of the key components in whatever game version you choose to play.

* For those who already have Panzer General: Allied Assault, gameplay mechanics and setup will be familiar enough to be a welcome introduction to the Graxia games (and the sequel to Allied Assault, Panzer General: Russian Assault!).

Visit Petroglyph's board game website for information and other key differences about these board games:

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