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Poll: So, who takes the credit? (110 member(s) have cast votes)

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  1. Vertigo (2 votes [1.90%])

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  2. Mirabel and Viktor (12 votes [11.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.43%

  3. Orlok (55 votes [52.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 52.38%

  4. Nufai (5 votes [4.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.76%

  5. Kamal Re'x (6 votes [5.71%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.71%

  6. Charos (1 votes [0.95%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.95%

  7. Altea (4 votes [3.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.81%

  8. Zessus (12 votes [11.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.43%

  9. The Founder (4 votes [3.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.81%

  10. General Moore (4 votes [3.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.81%

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#61 Valdez


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Posted 23 February 2009 - 12:13 AM

View PostSpardaSon21, on Feb 23 2009, 01:06 PM, said:

I really could used more info about mankind and its status in general.

Actually Petro deliberately shafted humans out of the spotlight to focus on the aliens. It's one of the more unique traits of UAW, an alien attack on Earth where the focus is on the perspective of the various alien factions involved rather than focus on human perspective which is what has been done in various sci-fi ranging from War of the Worlds to Halo Wars.

What I do wish was that the story was more detailed. Adam Isgreen couldn't be more right when he said that the addition of the Masari compromised the storyline... especially thanks to their huge slew of filler missions. Nufai's fate is ambiguous, Vertigo disappeared after the Novus campaign, we never really understood how the Arecibo observatory was supposed to defeat Kamal aside from a vague statement that his forces would magically surrender...

...and did I mention the filler missions? going across 2 entire continents before the more significant battles is too much. Way too much.

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#62 SpardaSon21



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Posted 23 February 2009 - 07:21 PM

What I really meant about mankind was from a race's viewpoint, their interactions with mankind.  Nothing too major, just a small blurb now and then.

#63 Valdez


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Posted 24 February 2009 - 02:59 AM

View PostSpardaSon21, on Feb 24 2009, 08:21 AM, said:

What I really meant about mankind was from a race's viewpoint

I guess they cut that out too. Humans are like side characters in UAW... you know, like the Decepticons in the Transformers film.

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#64 AlexRuiz



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Posted 25 February 2009 - 08:47 PM

View PostNoah es Frio, on Feb 20 2009, 04:10 PM, said:

Loyal?! More like the complete opposite, buddy.

You got me! ;)

Yes, as Jabalor pointed it out, I meant "loyal to his troops"
The eternal wasn't ruthless enough to carry orders without inquiring....

#65 Guardian54



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Posted 18 September 2009 - 07:49 PM

Orlok softened in old age, lol

Anyways, I reason I picked him was because he is like me, I always do my best to win a battle with minimal casualties. This is especially obvious in RA2 or C&C Generals when I play, in RA2 to save two Heroic (3 chevrons) Prism Tanks, I would gladly sacrifice a vast tract of ground to the enemy, in Generals however I got less stingy due to infinte resources, although I have been known to run home all the way across the map to save 3 Heroic Overlord Tanks.

Oh, and Founder softened in old age too.

Check out my topic "ideas for a UAW sequel" which I will start immediately after posting this.

#66 Luke Danger

Luke Danger


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Posted 11 October 2010 - 07:12 PM

Dusting this off.

Having played the story; I have to admit it's very hard to pick one, so I'll just list them all and vote when I really get an idea.


Mirabel: I liked that Mirabel has very beleivable reactions when you consider the stuff she must of gone through; nevermind that I figure she'd have at the very least recollections of the Hierarchy's assault on the Novus homeworld (Lieta Novus, IIRC (mentioned in passing by Mirabel in Novus Mission 4)). She develops, and while I think they should of made more of a spat between Mirabel and the Founder; not quite the level of Orlok and Kamal but a spat none the less. She did the best she could, IMO, considering the fact she's been litterally alone save for machines. I also like how once Novus switches under her command once the Founder went kablewy, she litterally gave us some Novus toys; toys that humans could use (Amplifiers and Anti-Matter tanks), and by the looks of it, we gave some of our own tanks (which are capable of standing up to the alien MBTs, probably heavier than AM tanks). I also liked that they gave her a human appearance; we never see her outside of Viktor, so we don't know proper scale (only estimates), but I liked that little subtle nod when you realize that the Humans, who were 'raised' by the Masari, share general traits with Novus' creators.
- Viktor: Technecally a 'prop', but I did like that Viktor has traces of personality. Notable in Mission 2 for Novus, after the Founder gives a little spheal on not getting attatched, he says something that, to me, had a "he's right, you know" heel to it, which just made me smile. He's really a (semi)sentient suit of armor

Vertigo: It's a real shame he was never developed, but he was a badass none-the-less, if only minor. I also liked that he had some empathy for our situation, but carried on. He also was great for one liners; "You're welcome" being a particular favorite when he rescues Mirabel.

The Founder: Like Mirabel, as a machine he's very beleivable as a character, as he keeps strict to his purpose but can at least hang a lampshade on his own reasonings. He also developed slightly, but I think he, like Vertigo, was underdeveloped, and they needed to do a bigger spat between him and Mirabel. Can't deny he was a badass when you consider the fact he litterally CREATED A RACE OF MACHINES and gave them a purpose that they're still carrying out with cold precision. But he's not without a softer side, as evidenced by him commenting to Mirabel that when she "recognized the faces on the tombs, she'd understand why it's important to distance [herself] from [us]". It's nice to know he's not wholly one demensional as a robot.

FI's: Not technically chars, but when you're a giant rail gun that blows the daylights out of stuff for a living, speaking in a calm accent that sounds upper-class just certifies you as awsome.

Dervish Jets: Same story as above, but you gotta love that their personality 'chips' or whatever is set to 'trigger happy pilot that can't sit still'.


Orlok: What do I need to say that hasn't been said? He has proper character development, an incarnation of badass, a proud and honorable warrior amongst a race of always-chaotic-evil-planet-looters, and a father to his men as best he could. (OK, so his honor is a bit out of whack, but that's by our standards; consider him as a Grunt before being armor'd; he was probably your standard proud-warrior-race guy). I just loved his lines too;
"I am Orlok, Commander of the Hierarchy Battalions, General of the Galactic Fleet, Annihilator of a THOUSAND WORLDS, and YOU ARE NO LONGER A GOD OF MINE!! [.....] "No. Today I offer... a truce."
"The battle that lies before us is for the GRUNT, for the BRUTE, for the GLYPH CARVER! It is your blood that Kamal and the Overseers spill in the name of expansion! It is your blood that cultivates their power! We are but the minions to their ambitions... well today, the MINONS SHALL FIGHT BACK! Today, the Hierarchy will have a new level at the top, and the Overseers will hurt their necks, staring up at the sky, to SEE US! TO BATTLE!"

Yeah, 'nuff said. It's a shame he didn't live, but perhaps that's what solidifies him as, while not a proper 'hero', at the very least a dude you can't diss, considering he actually tried to rectify his war crimes. He isn't the ANNIHILATOR OF A THOUSAND WORLDS for nothing, after all. He also hit me as a cultured warrior; at least that's how I always see him. Five bucks and I bet he has a pre-Founder Novus weapon from when he hit Lieta Novus with the Hierarchy (assuming it was him, of course)

Kamal: He was a down-right evil SOB that, TBH, I think I'd agree with Moore and Mirabel; HE NEEDED TO BE KILLED. SLOWLY. I don't get how trapping him in his own dreams is a punishment, it hits me as more like bliss. Ah well, maybe that was shown as 'before' he realized it was a dream. Heh. He really sets up being a complete monster when you realize that he's murdered possibly more than Orlok by his commands, and he just sees it as thining the gene pool.

Nufai: Treacherous worm, etc. etc. Needed to be shot for killing Orlok like a coward, but he did inadvertently lend aid to the eventual victory of the Masari by helping Orlok realize his horrid actions as a Hierarchy commander.

The Grunt We All Know and Love; Random Grunt #(unknown) who asked the famous phrase: "Commander Orlok, why are we always the ones to die first?" Nuff said. He steps out of the mold. I personally hope he was able to join the Masari, or at least surrender honorably to them.


Zessus: He's a great and belivable character because he's balanced; an arrogent ****, brash for a leader, a royal who actually does something, and of course, the ever famous "General Peasent" phrase that I'm in love with. Great character, especially when you realize that his arrogence and brashness likely stems from the fact he's half-human. There's also a YouTube vid called "The Divine Right of the Gods" which sums up the end of UAW, in the credit sequence, there's Zessus, standing next to a Habitat Walker that's collapsing. Alone. And it just screams "What? Is something wrong it my hair?" Seeing that just put me in love with him as a character. You also have to admire the dude's balls; he mouths off to Orlok while HELD IN HIS CRUSHER ARM! Royalty of the "Gods" or no, that takes a seriously durable pair... adamantium durable and about the size of an Ohm Bot's flechette launchers...

Charos: While not given enough characterization, you have to admit that a guy who takes on Walkers with a PUNCHBLADE. He was a frontal fighter and a big guy, but could of had the same character potential as Orlok if they had time to do the full Masari campaign. *sigh*.

Altea: Like Charos, she wasn't given proper characterization and I do disagree on how imprisoning Kamal was a smart move, TBH I was thinking when I saw the scene "OMG are you crazy?! You just fought a world war to stop this guy and ... yeah, I told you so!... oh. OK, makes some sense, but really...". Unlike Zessus, she isn't as much as a royal who does stuff, she doesn't even have a direct attack! (Really, how hard would it be to justify her slinging minor light/dark matter? The Masari are already basically magic users...) Still, she did at least give off a feel of being in power and in command.

Lone Disciple: The one who busts Zessus out of prison; I always liked to give the due more story; after all, he's a 'common' grunt, and he just evaded a LOT of units; that isn't easy even if your Tanya or a Commando.


Randal Moore: You got to admit, "Aw hell" is one helluva catchphrase for him; especially when you consider he pretty much mouths off to powerful alien leaders like Mirabel, the Founder, and yes, even Masari royalty, gets hilarious nickanmes like "General Peasant", and takes on the big bads of the galaxy with nothing more than an iron will, a medkit, grenades, and a trusty chaingun. Honestly, you wish you got to control him more, especially when you have human units helping. Almost wish he met Orlok so we could see him even more badass (and perhaps explain HOW he got captured...)
He and Mirabel are also my latest crack ship pairing... I dunno, it actually COULD work assuming the biochemical barriers aren't too high; he does call her sweet things like 'sugar' and 'honey' after all :P

Willard: You have to admit, driving what could pass as a precurser to the C&C 3 KW's MARV, an EPIC UNIT rivaling Walkers, is pretty badass. Wish they slipped him into the Novus/Masari campaigns moore often, it'd be nice to see the due blowing ^@!$ up with a humongous gatling-tank that shoots gatling TANK SHELLS.

So to list them in order; roughly:

1st: Tie between Orlok, Mirabel and Moore; not neccesarily that order.
2nd: Zessus/Vitkor
3rd: Vertigo
4th: The Founder/Charos
5th: Willard
6th: The Lone Grunt
7th: The Lone Disciple
8th: Altea
9th: Kamal
10th: Nufai

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